Why Should You Laugh? 10 Benefits Of Laughter.

Actually, laughing is very good for our health. Laughing reduces stress hormones, blood pressure, illness, makes mood fresh. It helps to fight the disease.

It is really fun if someone says laughing is good for our health. Actually, laughing is very good for our health. Laughing reduces stress hormones, blood pressure, illness, makes mood fresh. It helps to fight the disease.

It is very strong medicine, physical, mental and emotional. When we laugh after that we feel relax and peaceful. It helps to increase our memory power, intelligence and creativity as well. You can make a good relationship with others cause all people like happy and funny people. Laughing is free and easy. Children laugh more and when we grow up we feel more stress then we will be more serious we forget to laugh and our mood also can’t be fresh. Laugher promotes our heart health by reducing blood pressure and improves blood flow. Let’s talk about the main benefits of laughter.

1.Reduces stress:

Laughter is a very strong medicine which no need to buy. Research has been shown laughter reduces stress hormones in our body. Laughter can also relieve some amounts of mental and physical tension. When you always stay in stress and tension you can’t do anything properly. You feel bored and have no desire to do anything.

2.Protects the heart:

Another benefit of laughter is to improve the function of blood circulation and increases the blood flow easily into vessels. It fights against the heart attack.

3. Increases immunity system:

Do you know? our negative thoughts create negative hormones in our body. If our thoughts are positive our body creates positive hormones. A negative thought can bring more stress in our system so it makes lower our immunity power. So if we laugh more our thoughts will be positive and it increases our immunity system.

4. Help you to live longer:

The study has been shown who has a strong sense of humor they have lived more than less sense of humor. The more we laugh the more our body muscles become more active and young. So isn’t it good to laugh for our body?

5. Natural exercise:

Laughter is a natural exercise. If we laugh from inside we really feel like we did an exercise. Our body muscles also be aware and we feel smart.

6. Relax the whole body:

Laughter gives us tension free and stress-free. Good hearty laughter makes our muscles relax. After laughing our body feel really relax.

7. Improves memory:

Laughter has many benefits not only in one. It helps to increase creativity, enhance mood as well as helps to improve memory power. While laughing our brain will be fresh stress free and active then slowly memory power will improve.

8. Increases blood oxygenation:

Laughter helps the respiratory system. It will be more quick and easy. It increases the oxygen level in our brain and promotes healthier brain function. Oxygen is the most important thing for the human body and brain.

9. Enhances mood:

When we are in stress or tension we see everything bad, boring. Laughter can make these all mood fresh and our thinking power also will increase, so we can be happy.

10. Promotes creativity:

Laughter has many effects on the chemical process in our body. It reduces stress hormones, increases endorphins, and increases oxygenation in blood circulation then our brain also becomes clean and fresh so we can be more creative and active.

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