What Type of Women You Are. Know Yourself According to Birth Month.

What type of women you are
What Type of Women You Are. Know Yourself According to Birth Month.

According to the astrology, your birth month explains what type of women you are. Maybe you do not believe in astrology but if you deeply compare with the same women who born in the same month, of course, you will find many similar habits and characters.

Have you ever imagined why happens so? Yes, It’s the cause of astrology.

Now we are going to explain what type of women you are based on your birth month:


Women who born in January are extremely ambitious but rather they are traditional thinking and serious, prone to be very critical, but don’t like to share their feeling. They want to make friends and communicate with the same intellectual level’s.


Women who born in February are very romantic. When you talk to them you have to be patient because of their changing mood. They have very strict nature if you betray them you will never be able to make them happy.


These women are very attractive, loyal and dedicated. They don’t fall in love easily. They are very cute and charming if you make them happy, and you feel pleasure to live with them.


These women are very diplomats and they can easily communicate with people. They know how to love themselves. Many of them are very jealous. If they get angry it is better for you to move away. April born women are the best wife around the world. Who earn their trust they widely open their soul.


May women are very persistent and loyal to their principles. They are very beautiful and charming but their character is very dangerous. The man who marries to them has to face many troubles.


These women are very curious, creative, and communicative but they don’t think before speak. These women hate the back-biting rather they like to say truth face to face. They are quite dangerous players in love and men often become a toy in their hands.


Women who born in July are truly honest, intelligent, mysterious and beautiful. They do not like quarrel and they are pretty polite to everyone. Never cheat on them, if you cheat, you lose them forever.


August women have a unique combination of great heart and self-centeredness. Do not try to play with them because sooner or later they will win. They are very humorous but do not try to mock. They always in the center of attention, men lose their head in their presence.


September women are kind, disciplined, and beautiful. They never forgive who betray them. Do not try to make them one-night girlfriend because they want long-lasting relationship and they have high expectation so if you want to them first prove yourself.


These women have very strong character and are very emotional but they usually do not cry in front of other people. They are smart but do not open their soul to all people. Other women hate them because they jealousy them.


These women are always one step ahead of everyone because they can easily recognize a liar. Do not try to play with these women because they take it seriously.


December women can be impatient but they are lucky because they find a way to get out from any difficult situation as a winner. They know how to make mood fresh. They are open-hearted. They should face many obstacles but at last they will get what they want.

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