What is success ? Do you want to be success ?

                                   Image 7        Come on, let’s trip together in this way, we make you good, successful and worthwhile person. What is success? “success does not mean the absence of failure. It means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle” – edwin c. Bliss.
Generally, people think success is to earn wealth, to keep servant in their house for cleaning, to control other person but success is more different than it is. According to edwin above mentioned, ‘success means winning the war, not only battle. ‘for not being confusion between battle and war necessary to distinguish between these two. War is the conflict between two or more large dissidence or clash between two mutual opposed thought on the other hand, battle is a small event which is distinguished what is wrong and what is right between that dissidence and mutual opposed thought, which is not decisive manner. Such as, in the story of mahabharat, became a great war between pandav and kaurav for true and false. They had much dissidence. Both were conflicting to prove true. They contradicted to each other. Hundreds of millions was killed. After so long time ended all confliction and argument. The moral of this story in this great fighting even kauravs had won. Pandav had many problems to live. They had lived in forest. Kaurav had celebrated party of victory but kaurav many time even winning, eventually they defeated whole war and pandav won at last. Then disappeared the existence of kaurav but pandav are remaining still now by becoming a symbol of victory of truth. It is clear that the battle is a small piece and other hand, war is a full part. It means we think success is a little achievement of life and we think that is our great success. Such as, to earn money, build house, to get a job and control other person that we think success of our life and to get it all, we do everything but eventually even getting all thing we become sad, we can’t sleep at night, hurt our feeling and we destroy our whole life.

“Success does not mean the absence of failure. It means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war, not every battle.”

                                                                                                                                            – Edwin c. Bliss.

Indeed, in our life to earn money, get job and spend luxurious life is not be success. It is a little achievement of our life. By getting a small achievement in our life we can’t be real success because success means winning the war, not only battle.
In our life to achieve success is not difficult and it is not easy too. If you want to be success in your life do continue good work. Every moment do work conscientiously, be patient then you will be automatically success. If you want truly become success and your attempts would have failed don’t worry because that failure teach you to get success. But without caring of actual success, you are trying wrong to get success and all activities are also being good as you want, eventually you will be failure. Evaluate currently of your life your every activity and whole attempts to you making success or failure? Find it yourself. Because success means winning the war, not only battle.

if you want be a successful man, you need to know real formulas for success .

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