Top 10 Books for Success recommend by Bill Gate


     Reading is one of the most important part of success. Reading habits increase your knowledge, knowledge is power and power is success. So reading is most important for success. If you day to day reading about new subject your knowledge, personality, imagination power and many more success part be ready for success. What you read, you think that and what you think you became like that. So keep your mind, read everyday valuable books. Regular reading habit increase your creativity. How more you have creativity, you became like that success. According to the many more research data, many people became success due to their reading habit.

              Today we talk about world famous and one of the most success people – Bill Gate.  Founder of Microsoft Bill Gate has recommend  to read 10 books everyone for being success which are mentioned below:-

No. 1 Book:

Business Adventures

Author: John Brooks

What has been written in this book ?

For success wandering people can be success also and unsuccess as well. In this book has been deeply interpreted of these both issue.

Bill Gate’s comment:   This book is most suitable of I have read for business. John Brooks is my best writer till now as well.

No. 2 Book:

Top Dancing to Work

Author: Carrol  Loomis.

What has been written in this book ?

All articles are collected in this book of Warren Buffet. You can read all success story of Buffet in this book.

Bill Gate’s comment:- In my understanding, those people who reads this book carefully, they can notice two things; first one is how Warren Buffet used his vision and investment principle in this struggle of making his career, and second, has been mentioned here that we should use various ideas to take on effect to market.

No. 3 Book:

 Life is what you make it

Author: Petter Buffet

What has been written in this book ?

This book based on story of  a hard working rich boy.

Bill Gate’s comment:- Peter never took money with his father for achieving success. Instead he learned with guardian how makes own way oneself. I want to read this book with my children. To get success you needn’t born in rich family.

No. 4 Book:

Awaking joy

Author: Jems Baraj

What has been written in this book ?

Why do you want to be success? Perhaps happy might be its cause. This book learns you that how is delightful way of success.

What you read, you think that and what you think you became like that. So keep your mind, read everyday valuable books.


Bill Gate’s comment:- Happy is not only for lucky person. Its rights is to all. In this book Jems Baraj helps you to choose enjoyment way.

No. 5 Book:

 Where good ideas come from ?

Author: Steven johnson

What has been written in this book ?

For being success invention is necessary. In this book has been reveled that for success how is prepared the way of invention.

Bill Gate’s comment:- This book is for businessman or educational sector’s people. It speaks about international structure where new ideas come from?

No. 6 Book:

 Moon walking with Einstein.

Author: Joshua Foyer

What has been written in this book ?

If you are forgetful or careless, you can be success. This book reminds you about necessary or important factor.

Bill Gate’s comment:- I’m also attracted in this matter like other people that how the mind works and how should remember this things. This book makes you remember different between remind and in understanding. Both are same.

No. 7 Book:

 Limited learning on college campus

Author: Richard Aurum and   Joshipa Roxa

What has been written in this book ?

This book learns you two things to be success. The first is that be ready to learn real world by keeping on your mind education of college. Second is that if you are teacher you need more successful using.

Bill Gate’s comment:- By taking this subject, I’m optimistic that it is prospect in invention which helps us to solve many problem. But necessary of many information us.

No. 8  Book:

How  America fail behind in the world it invented and how we can come back ?

Author: Thomas L. Fredman and Mishael Mandelbaum

What has been written in this book?

This book has been written in the context of America. But it learns too much normal people. We often inspire other to be like oneself, now turn has come that inspired by other in oneself and let’s  go forward.

Bill Gate’s comment:- I suggest all to read this book.

No. 9  Book:

 Deng Shyaoping

Author: Ejre F. Vogel.

What has been written in this book ?

To be success means difficult circumstance change into easy. Deng Shyaoping did so whrere the many more population were of the world. Before coming Shyaoping in power, China was poor country. In this book has been revealed that after coming in power Shyaoping how proceesed occupation of the China.

Bill Gate’s comment:- In 1979 China was one poorest country among the world. China was so poor than India. China’s population were so many that it was difficult for all to eat. Shyaoping did a lot of work to bring cultural constancy and economic progress in country. This is a new experiment in the history of the world. To understand its experiment necessary to read this book.

No. 10 Book:

The most powerful idea in the world

Author: William Repsena.

What has been written in this book ?

Initially, reading person think, this book only based on about rail road and engines whereas the main purpose of this book is to reveal that how machine became success. What was the idea in rail road which changed the world.

Bill Gate’s comment:- Usually, Repsena’s and my sight resembles. To make additional awarded your work can be used of power. If you set your goal and walk in this way and then measure your own improvement, you will be really success.

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