List of Some Successful People, Whose Background is Very Bad.

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 -Rajani Kant became superstar who was a helper of driver.  

– Elvis Prisle became the famous singer who was a driver.

– Steve Jobs became the owner of the Apple who worked at junkyard.

– Lionel Messi became the richest football player who was a writer.

– Vikasanand became a great philosopher  who used to steal when he was child.

– Thomas Alva Edison became a famous scientist who used to sell vegetable.

– Ram Krishn Dhakal became famous singer who had failed at class seven.

– Charlie Chaplin became famous comic actor who was a beggar.

– Narendra Modi became the prime minister of India who used to sell tea.

– Pushkar Shah visited the world who had taken only two hundred money when he had gone out.
– Bill Gates became the richest person in the world who had left college.

– Mark Zurkerberg became the owner of facebook who was a average student of the college.

– Rabindra Nath Taigor became the world famous poetry who had failed seven time at SLC.

– Amrit Gurung became famous singer who used to sing song carelessly.

– Shahrukh khan became the king Khan who had come Mumbai for visiting by riding taxi.

– Maxim Gorkee became great writer who was a house servant.

– Dhiru bhai Ambani became richest person who used to work at petrol pump.

– Jhamak Ghimire received Madan Puraskar by writing with her leg.

– Homer wrote epic like illidy and odesy who was blind.

– The poorest Mozart became famous musician in the world.

– Hari Bangsha Aacharya became famous comic actor who had failed three time at SLC.

– Mical Farady became the scientist who used to work at the book shop.

– John D. Rakhepelar became the world’s rich person who never went to school.

– Mahatma Gandhi became the world famous leader who had passed SLC at third division.

– Adrew Kargeni became rich person who had started business in 3 dollar.

– Adolf Hitlar became rular of Germany who was work less person.

– Abraham Lincoln became the president of the America who was the son of woodcutter.

– Winston Churchill became the prime minister of the British who was a soldier.

– Albert Einstein became the genius scientist of the world whom known as low minded child at              school. 

            So, if I tried, sure I also will be success, recent, I will do something continue.

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