How to set goal for success

                              If someome asked mImage 4any of us the goal of life we can not answer because we have no clear answer, it means we have no any specific desire (target) than eating and living that is so narrow thinking, so says without any goal the people like a monkey. Those people who have no any desire or ambition except how to eat. We should always determine of the goal for success. Suppose, in a football match, best players are playing football with enthusiasm. Both side’s team are playing carefully but if there is no one goalpost which team can win? is there any meaning of game? surely no, because there is no meaning of football without goalpost. Yes, our life also same like football game. If we don’t have any goal in our life there is no meaning of our valuable life. You are walking continue without rest but if you don’t know yourselves where you are going, what’s the meaning of walking so if you want to be success in your life determine your goal at first. You knew that you should determine goal for success but now, how to determine goal you are likely in confusion. Don’t worry, come on, we learn you how to determine your goal.

  1. First step:- Make the goal of your whole life.

  While determining the goal  we should make the goal of our whole life at first and should make mediaeval(medium) and ephemeral(short) goal. What do you want to be? determine you wanted to be, as for example, a social worker, a politician, a great artist, a writer, a world famous player or etc. You should always pay attention towards your inner intention while ensuring the goal of own whole life. If you have no any hobby or interest
in any sector don’t make goal in this sector even being so great or good. Think you while determining your goal:- first priority select your favourite or desired sector. If you can’t do so or you can’t select your favorite or intrested sector, love heartly you selected goal. Your goal must always encourage to you, how more you do work the more you want to do as well as while making goal, search answer of undermentioned questions

  1. Actually, what I want ?
  2. Why did I choose that sector ?
  3. How can I obtain it ?
  4. Up to when can I obtain my goal ?

 If you get proper answer of above mentioned questions, congratulates to you, your goal is right, if you couldn’t get proper answer there might be something wrong in your goal, you can exchange if that is necessary because if you have no inner desire you can’t get success. And remember something else thing also:- pleasant doesn’t be in any achieving but should be in attempt. If you don’t feel happy and satisfied according to your goal while doing work, you will be failure even achieving that. So you think thousand time before you determine your goal and check from every angle but doesn’t fall in dilemma after determining your goal you always concentrate in your goal.

Another important elements of goal is SMART. Goal should always be SMART. So what is smart

                                                                                  S- specific

                                                                              M- measurable

                                                                               A- attainable (to be completed)

                                                                               R- relevant                  ( suitable)

                                                                               T- time bound (validity of time)

  1. Second step:– Make ephemeral(short) and mediaeval (medium) goal. After making whole life goal you should make mediaeval and ephemeral goal helping to accomplish that goal.

Suppose, if you have the goal to be millionaire within 10 year, you should start work from now to be millionaire within 10 year then what to do within 1 year? and how to earn within 5 years like that matter you should keep in mediaeval and ephemeral goal. You should be capability and skill also to accomplish your goal otherwise you can’t achieve  your goal. We can’t achieve goal without hard work so for that, along with hard labour we should remove our weakness which may not stop to move ahead.

According to Franklin these elements obstruct the people to go ahead which is mentioned below. He had been able to put away it in one week.

  1. Composure/Restraint:- You must always yourself under control. If you can’t control yourself, how to get success?
  2. Talking:- Some person is so talkative that they forget appetite, sleep that is great cause of failure.
  3. Managemen:- Management is also most important part of success. When we busy in nonsense thing then starts failure from there so manage your life.
  4. Sex:- If people can’t control sex then they lose their time, money and prestige all.
  5. Proud/Boast:- Boast makes you alone. If nobody accompany to you, it is difficult get success.
  6. Dishonesty:- For success, honesty is so important that if you became dishonest in one place you will be unsuccess in two place.
  7. Spending:- If you spend money in unnecessary thing you will not have money to spend in necessary thing. So be careful from unnecessary spending.
  8. Time:- Time is so successful for success. If you don’t work correctly in real time the success will start to go away from you.
  9. Service:- The more you start to take care of other the more you will be excited. To increase excitement is to increase your success level.
  10. Negative:- Always be careful from negative thing. If you can’t be careful from negative thing, you can’t get positive thing.

You should remove continue by keeping within ephemeral goal above mentioned point. You should remove one point in one week at least.

  At last, dream(goal) is not that which we seem in sleeping rather dream(goal) is that it removes our sleeping. Yes, dream should be like that.

                  After set your goal use this success formulas success formulas

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