How to Create Your Success Plan?

What is not success?

First, we have to understand what is not success? If we see definitions of success on social media, we can find a different-different definition. They think it is all about earning wealth, having a good relationship, recognizing many famous people. It means I am not saying they are wrong. They all are right on their own way. If they are happy it is okay but just being like them it’s your success.

Many people have struggled whole their life finally, they can’t be happy with their achievement because that is the opposite of their purpose. We have listened many definitions of success from our parent and teacher to get job, to be the manager of any company. but if you are not satisfied that all is not your success, these all things will make you frustrated.

What is success?

Second, what is success? I am going to define what is success and how people define to success on their own way. A lot of people have different definition of success. Some of them define, success is to be rich, to be famous, to earn enough money. Some of them define, success is to increase followers on social media, to be educated, have a good relationship. they define in several way to success. We never ask ourselves actually, what is success?

Here is a definition of success according to Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Yes, success is this that you like to do, you desired, motivated, and it pulls you up closer to your goal. What makes you happy and how you perform it. And next, Bruce Lee said, “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” Yes, be what you are from inside, do what desire you have from your heart, express who you are, focus on your goal, make a plan and follow it seriously. Do what makes you happy and feel easy to do. Where you can be happy. So you can get your goal and become successful that is your success.

Success plan:

Success plan is a roadmap of your goal, It is a ladder to climb up to the peak where you want to be. We should make a plan for our success what we desire not what others want for us. Some of us have difficult and detail-oriented plan, it is okay if you can’t make a detail-oriented plan but you must make a plan for your goal which has to be realistic and believable. If your goal and plan are not real you never be successful. In order to make success plan, you have to focus on reality and workable.

I have explained below step-by-step success plan for how we can be succeeded in our life.

1.Evaluate your current condition:

Self-evaluation is a very basic and important point for success. How is your condition right now? what changes are you going to bring in your life? What work is better and suitable for your capacity? What can you dedicate for your work? Take time to evaluate yourself and be ready for your success.

2.Determine your goal:

Determining your goal is to build a passion point where you want to be. It is a very great decision of your life. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be? There is no point of success if you don’t determine your goal. If you don’t know where do you want to reach, it will be worthless of struggle. Setting goals pull to people in the direction where they want to go.

3.Start with the simple tasks first:

Start with easy and simple work while building your confidence for your large goal. Nothing has happened miraculously and never has happened big progress immediately. It takes time and comes many obstacles in order to struggle, keep in your mind it will happen and be strong to face with this obstacle, do your best, focus on your goal it motivates you towards your goal, you will defeat obstacles.

4.Gain new skills:

Gaining knowledge is one of the most crucial parts of the success plan. To get success, knowledge is important you have to face many problems so you need to gain more and more skills what necessary for your work is. It makes you easier and will be beneficial for your work.

5. Establish times to spend on it:

When you make a goal you need to give the time it continuously. Discipline is the most important thing to get success. Without discipline and continuity, nothing is possible to gain. You can make a fixed time to do it. Write it on point and make a plan for weekly and do it. It should be specific and workable. So you can go easily where is your destination.

6. Have the right perspective:

Your goal is the first target. You believe in your goal and it should be believable. Always focus on your goal if your thought tried to distract you and be positive in your determination, be humble with your work. Always keep thinking positive towards your goal, have faith in yourself. be optimistic. the main key is work, work hard until it happens how you want to be.

7. Act on your plan:

Nothing happens only making a plan without action. So once you have created your plan for your success you have to go through it. You have to act on your plan. If you don’t do anything it will be just plan but you never can reach on your goal. If you are hopeless in your work, remember your goal it helps you to pull up and encourage. Never think you did small work or less work small work gives big chance which inspires you to move forward. Do the thing continuously with discipline and hope if your plan and goal are good then your result also will be good and miraculous.

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