How to be happy ?

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       The first terms of success is happy/pleasure and this is also that must be pleasure even final destination of success. If you think, wealth, power, luxurious life is success, you are completely wrong. Suppose
, your goal is to earn 1 million in five years. You achieved your goal also but if you have made to money terms of success that is sure that when you earn 1 million money; you would have already lost your relatives, friends health also then starts tension to you. If anything achieving can not give you happy that may not be success. So remember, success must be able to give you happy. We have an illusion, if we have money, power and luxurious life we think that is happy then couldn’t to eat to wear and fulfill our daily necessity we think that is sorrow or trouble. But not so, you see statistics, poor people are happy than rich people. Here is the Nepali saying- ‘who has nothing they have 1 tension and who has everything they have 10 tension. ‘Definitely right, poor are also in trouble they might trouble to eat, they might trouble to wear but they have no over tension like rich people. They are happy but you see rich people they have so many trouble and tension. Sometimes they have tension in trade deficit, and they have tension of stealing. Rich people are always in awful tension.

‘Definitely right, poor are also in trouble they might trouble to eat, they might trouble to wear but they have no over tension like rich people. They are happy but you see rich people they have so many trouble and tension.

           Now I think believed you that wealth, luxurious life is not happy. Again you might have thought that to be happy and pleasure won’t be rich? No like this also, it means, if you have wrong way to be rich, couldn’t be happy. We are talking about success in everyplace and we say that must make happy first terms and last terms of success. You see today’s world, is there lack of anything to people in this modern age? If people wanted, they can visit world in one day, they can do many work by the help of one switch. They may take whichever physical facility of the world but they are being sad and depression nowadays. Day by day increasing the number of mental patient, that’s all reason is unhappy and pain. You believe, that all solution of problem is happy. If so how could be happy in life ?

                            Come on let’s discuss about some ways to be happy:

  1. Make great goal:– You have necessary to be great goal for being happy. If your goal is inferior, you can’t be happy because inferior and bad goal creates furthermore problem and tension. If you have great goal you needn’t sprawl anywhere. We see people, they are sprawling here and there; that all reason are the lack of goal. So you have necessary to be great goal for being happy.
  2. Think positive:- People’s main cause of sorrow is( mind/ feeling/ heart, long). When you start to think about several negative consideration, you feel sorrow. If you think positive everything, your sorrow or pain disappears automatically. Positive thought gives people everything and negative thought loses everything so always think positive.
  3. Adopt simple lifestyle:- Another cause of sorrow is showy lifestyle. The more you live showy life the more you feel sorrow/pain. Showy lifestyle tempts you at first glimpse but when you start to live showy life then you feel more sorrow so adopt simple lifestyle for being happy.
  4. Engage in meaningful work:- ‘Empty mind is devil house.’ It means if you are free then starts to come several negative feeling or thoughts on your mind. So be always busy. If you are busy in negative or nonsense activities for example, play game on mobile, play card, to watch obscene film in internet these all work even giving moment pleasure you, finally it gives you sorrow. So always stay busy in meaningful work. From this you will feel so much happy.
  5. Do service to other:– Many of us only want to take but not want to give. But always remember, taking habit makes you sad, and giving habit makes you happy. Greatest happy is in giving. A begger who has not been eating for two days, he has full of hungry then you give some food for this begger, he will eat happily and he will be so happy with you then you will feel so pleasant by seeing happy of that begger. The more you serve to other the more increases your pleasant so always try to serve other.
  6. Speak less and listen more:- The nature has given us two ears and one mouth. It means, listen more than speak more or how you listen, speak that’s half. But nobody has patience listen to other. You speak more to show talent or intelligent oneself but think yourself the more you speak the more you make mistake, the more you create problem. You speak without conscious then it makes you slowly sad therefore, speak less and listen more.
  7. Learn to be happy what you have:- The case of success or the context of progress except you learn to be happy what you have. When you are unsatisfied what you have then you follow luxurious lifestyle, luxurious things then trouble and sorrow starts to follow you.
  8.  Give up your boast:–  Boast makes people alone. You can’t never be happy till remain your boast. It destroys   you  so give up your boast currently then start happy life.
  9. Forgive to other:- People are social creature so can’t live without society but sometimes that society’s people are giving you trouble in which society you are living, that is simple because all people’s thought, desire and longing are not same. So if other gave you trouble, if you wanted to take them revenge, if you wanted to give them trouble, furthermore increases problem so it is the best way to excuse other.

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