Famous and Motivational Buddha Quotes for Success. 

Screenshot_2016-09-09-19-54-16-1Buddha is known as Lord Gautam Buddha. Many people recognize him as a superman. Buddha had uncommon personality. Buddha acquired which knowledge through meditation that brought huge change in the life of people. That is really not normal matter to live as a saint by giving up the royal idyllic. Buddha is a really most successful person in the history of human beings, who survived his life in upper level as a superman than normal people’s life.

Here is mentioned his some logic quotes regarding sucess:


1.Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate mind on the present moment.
– Buddha

Buddha Says, for success yesterday past away, tomorrow has not come so don’t remember past day and don’t think much about future, pay attention for today and work, you will be success.

2.What we think, we become.
what you fell, you attract,
what you imagine, you creat.
– Buddha

When Buddha said this quotes in his time, probably many of them people couldn’t feel that is fact but today proved that what we think we become that, what we feel we concentrate in this attraction about what we are feeling then what we imagine we create same thing. So think good, feel better and imagine beautiful, there is the success of life.

3. Three things can not be long hidden : The sun, the moon and the truth.
– Buddha

By giving example of sun and moon Buddha specially explained about truth. People accept even wrong way to be popular and to be rapidly rich but in fact, truth comes to appear outside oneday, that’s why, for real success always choose right way.

4. Health is the greatest gift,
contentment is the great wealth,
faithfullness is the best relationship.
– Buddha

In fact, health is the greatest gift, the greatest wealth is complacency and the greatest friendship is belief. This thing comes to join with success too.

5. The mind is everything, what you things, you become.
– Buddha

Buddha would give much priority towards thinking and truth is that our thinking or mind is everything. what we think we will be same so for success necessary to be good thinking. If someone even being success by taking wrong way for short moment eventually they will be failure.

6. I never see what has been done,
I only see what remains be done.
– Buddha

Someone people extremely becomes proud what they have done and they forget constantly what should do but Buddha says, what did you do in the past, don’t care about that care about that what remains you do. in fact, that formula is the formula of success.

7. Every morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.
– Buddha

Every day is important for us. If you do good work everyday success is sure. That is why, do that work today what important is.

8. If I know I will die tomorrow, I can still learn something tonight.
– Buddha

People’s age is uncertain. which time what happens nobody knows. Many people don’t work by making issue own uncertain age but real success people that will be who works till tonight even knowing I will die tomorrow. Do you have like this energy for success?

9. Your worth enemy can not harm you as much as your own unguarded thought.
– Buddha

As good thought makes people success similarly, bad thoght makes people harmful than cruel enemy thus, always think positive and save yourselves by bad thought.

10. Doubt everything, Find your own light.
– Buddha

When you start to check everything by your own brain light then will develop your activeness and creativity then this provides you great success.

11. . Success is not the key to happiness, happyness is the key to success.
– Buddha

Many people think happiness can be got after earning money, after getting promotion at work but Buddha says, when you are happy from innermost of your heart then you will get success or happiness is the key of success.

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