9 Signs That Your Partner is Madly in Love with You.

Everybody wants loving and caring from their partner. And they always want to know whether their partner loves and cares or not.

Admittedly, love is feeling matter, but not only this much, there are also some signs that your partner madly loves with you. So your partner loves with you or not, you can know by following signs:

1. They share food with each other:

The lovely couple like to eat together and want to share food with each other. They like to feed their food by own hands to the partner. And another important thing, if they have some special food on their plate, they share half of food with their partner.

2. They feel lucky being with you:

Madly loved couple feel that they made for each other. And they feel lucky for being together. They consider God made them for each other.

3. They don’t go away from you when you need them extremely:

When you are in difficult situation or in special events your partner always wants to be with you, no matter how difficult situation he/she is facing.

4. They listen to you heartily:

If your partner madly loves with you he/she heartily listen to you about your opinion, advice, pain, and more things.

5. They like touching and biting with each other:

Lovely couple wants to spend more time each other and they like kidding, touching and biting.

6. They like to talk with eye contact:

When a lovely couple talks to each other they want to communicate with eye contact. And they want to know by eye what their partner feeling.

7. They are always honest and transparent:

In mad love never happens cheating and vague. So madly couple like to share every single matter honestly and transparently.

8. They care about your happiness, interest, and opinion:

The lovely couple always respects and cares about their partner’s happiness, interest, and opinion. When they make their partner happy they feel proud and satisfaction themselves.

9. They hug each other spontaneously:

The hug is a way to express love so lovely couple wants to hug each other spontaneously in even small moment.

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