7 Methods to increase memory power for success

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               Without any structure or any method we can do anything but not so easy. We should do hard labour even if we can’t remember next time. So that is a good idea to use method for long lasting. Let’s interpret some points to increase memory power.

  1. Connection of the subject matter:- Which matter you are learning, learn to connect it with old matter or thing. It will be easy to remember about the essential thing.
  2. Repetition:- If you repeat in your mind read or written thing it easy to remember or you can memorise by writing continue on paper.
  3. Adopt new method:- If you are trying to remember any sequence of event adopt a new method. For example, If you are trying to memorize the name of 9 planets, “my very educated mother just should us nine planets” you can use that kind of method. In this method comes name of the planet from first letter of each word or you can remember the words by making structure.
  4. Card writing:- When you try to memorize important day, date and formula, write in flash card for it. When you need you can see that card.

                               Try to make a picture in your mind what you read.                                                                

  5. Sing and increase memory power:- Due to your rhythm, music can remain easily in your mind. Set the thing which you are going to remember in your favourite music, you can remember anything still long time from it.
  6. Repetition of reading:- Try to make a picture in your mind what you read. You can remember still long time from it. While reading, you start to think about those words, imagine it, how seems this things, smell of that, shape and test then you can easily remember about this thing.
  7. Example:- when you see anything by comparing with good life that remains in your mind by becoming an impression and easy to remember. The greatest People also could have hardly used only 5 to 7 percent mind in whole life so try to use more.

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