10 Things Should Avoid If You Want to Become Rich.

A lot of people want to become rich in their life, and they have been struggling for enough financial source.

You know one thing, what they think themselves, they think, I can’t become rich because I don’t have enough money for business, I don’t have an idea do that or they think, I am not in right place or company. That all thinking makes them poor. That all things are not the obstacles in their life to become rich but only one thing that is Ego and pretending. You may think, oh I don’t have any ego, I haven’t even thought about this but definitely, you have, where you have stuck from becoming rich.  

Let’s talk about that what is this ego and what does not let us become rich:

1.The blame ego:

Many people have this habit to blame other things for not becoming rich. I am not rich because of government, I am not rich because of my boss, because of my problems, because of my family that is why I am not rich. Who always see the problem to others, always blame to others that is ego which never gives you the chance to become rich.

2. The know it all ego:

When you think everything you know, that is a big problem for you to become rich. You think no need to read, no need to study anything, which you know, I am known of everything. That is a block of your success. For the success, the more you gain knowledge, the more you have chance to become rich and successful. And learning makes you stronger to get achieve.

3. The fearful ego :

Do you know one thing, when you have fear of everything that holds you back for success. If you think, what if I lose my business, what if I couldn’t be pass in the exam, be fearless of all thing if you want to be successful.  Fear is not fair for success.:

4. The judgmental ego:

Judging to others is your one step back of your success. If you do not know about other people or thing, do not say anything. Without knowing anything to judge others is not your job or right. If you don’t know the situation of others, how their life running, how struggle they have done to be there where they are today. That is your ego. If you keep always this ego you can’t be success. So leave it right now.

5. The excuse ego:

 You earn money or accept an excuse because you can’t have two. An excuse is nothing more than a lie. If you see everywhere and in everything fault that is your problem, if you pretend I don’t have any idea, I can’t do that just that is an excuse. You should ask the question yourself why I can’t do that? If you want to become rich you should leave this all excuses.

6. The people pleasing ego:

You can’t make all people happy. Sometimes for your success, you should be selfish. If you want to achieve something you should learn to move ahead than others if you want help to other first you should be safe. That is why don’t be so worry if other people will be sad because of you. Don’t forget, to give money to other first you should earn money.

7. The justification ego:

Leave justify yourself. Why you don’t do this? why you can’t do that? Because I am too young, I don’t know how to do that. Before doing something, never try to justify yourself why you can’t do that never try to find the reason. Do your best before leaving, give your 100% before you say, I can’t. But never ever try to justify yourself because of this I can’t do that.

8.  The jealous ego:

Have you ever felt jealous if you see rich and famous people? If you feel so, leave it rather try to be rich, try to be famous, jealous habit never makes you good and famous, that is your one step back of success and becoming rich. Never be jealous of what you have not done in your life.

9. The shy ego:

A lot of people have this habit. They are always shy. They can’t make many friends, they can’t adjust in every place. Don’t think, I can’t do this If I do what other people say me? I am an introvert. Never think so, do whatever you can, do whatever you know without shame, if you feel nervous it is okay sometimes happens, let it be but do whatever you do without fear and shame.

10. The other people’s opinion ego:

Do you worry about what other people say about you?  Don’t be worry, with other’s opinion, whatever they say about you that is not your business, let them backbite. If you stuck with other’s opinion, you can’t move on. Do what you know, no matter how many people criticize you.

Hey everyone, this is really helpful in our life, this is based on the entrepreneur, youtuber, Dan Lock’s opinion.

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